The Bubble is an english speaking news website aimed at foreigners living in Argentina. The team at The Bubble works on a unique tone for their articles, taking a neutral stance, but always with a sense of humor.

This Branding project focused on developing a new image for The Bubble, from it’s logo, typography, color, website design and animation.

The Logo itself honors the journalist roots by taking inspiration from old-school typewriters. The rounded edges of the type, mimic the ink bleed that the old machines used to do. The rest of the design system focuses on a bright use of color and a clean layout to embrace the present and de-clutter all the information.


Client: The Bubble
Agency: Selva
Director: Agustin Orol

Production Company: Hueso
Director: Gianluca Fallone
Art Director & Designer: Cecilia Armand Ugon

Executive Producer: Santiago Moncalvo